Our Products

  • Max Commercial Line

    Max Commercial Line

    Commercial grain handling equipment from the company you know and trust, Sudenga.
  • Ox Series Portable Augers

    Ox Series Portable Augers

    Engineered for dependability and performance, Sudenga portable augers are field tested and proven to deliver year after year.
  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Sudenga bucket elevators are designed for ease of installation and years of trouble-free service. Available for a broad range of agricultural and industrial material handling applications.
  • Chain Conveyors

    Chain Conveyors

    Sudenga Drag Conveyors (or "En-Masse" Conveyors) offer high capacities and low maintenance compared to an auger. Horizontal or incline models are offered in standard capacities to 25,000 bushels per hour.
  • Electronics


    Electronics for farm and commercial applications: phase conversion panels (single to three phase conversion for grain bins); Stop Assist (trailer alignment sensor)
  • Feed Processing Equipment

    Feed Processing Equipment

    Seconds matter when it comes to your feed processing system. Our unmatched industry experience ensures feed processing solutions which maximize operational efficiency and return on your investment.
  • Feed Trailers

    Feed Trailers

    Don't buy just any bulk body. Buy one built for you. Sudenga's feed trailers come in many confi gurations and sizes. Add the wide range of options and you can create a trailer just for you. Customization comes standard with Sudenga.
  • Feed Trucks

    Feed Trucks

    Building custom feed transport solutions since 1957. Sudenga bulk feed trucks are engineered to fit the specific needs of the customer. Steel and aluminum models are available in a variety of configurations.
  • Fertilizer Handling

    Fertilizer Handling

    Unique, economical fertilizer handling solutions from Sudenga Industries provide a reliable return on investment and keep your operation moving.
  • Grain Bin Augers / Sweeps

    Grain Bin Augers / Sweeps

    Field tested and proven to perform. From high capacity u-trough power sweeps to simple under floor tube and auger systems, Sudenga sets the standard in bin unloading systems.
  • Round Tube Augers

    Round Tube Augers

    Point A to B in an economical way, Sudenga round tube augers are available in 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14" diameters. For commercial or standard duty applications.
  • Seed Handling Equipment

    Seed Handling Equipment

    From bulk seed tenders to bulk seed processing equipment, look to Sudenga Industries for equipment to solve your seed handling needs.
  • U-Trough Augers

    U-Trough Augers

    U-Trough Augers are an all-around versatile choice for material handling applications of all kinds. Sudenga u-trough are engineered for ease of installation and operational reliability.
  • Coffee & Brewing Equipment

    Coffee & Brewing Equipment

    Sudenga produces solutions for the coffee processing/roasting and beer brewing industries. Weigh and batching hoppers, bulk bag stands, flow/process software, bag slitting and dump stations, bucket elevators, belt conveyors and more.
  • OEM / Custom Manufacturing

    OEM / Custom Manufacturing

    From engineering, to prototyping, to production runs of any size, Sudenga Industries supplies components to a number of nationally recognized manufacturers.