Super Scoop (11,000 BPH)

Load a waiting 1,000 bushel trailer in 6 minutes with the 11,000 BPH Super Scoop. Easy to mount and dismount with standard or center feed, it fits most tractors 90 HP and up. Attach a hydraulic spout for more efficient and precise loading.

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Super Scoop

Grain Pile Pickup
Standard Features

  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • 35′ and 40′ inclined conveyor (center feed and standard scoop)
  • Heavy duty throughout
  • Load a waiting 1,000 bushel trailer in under 6 minutes
  • 11,000 BPH
  • 16” diameter intake auger

Scoop Blade: 3/16” blade thickness; 10’ wide on standard models; 8’ wide on center feed models; 16” helicoid flighting (5/16” thick) on 4” pipe (¼” wall); Double #80 roller chain; pillow block bearings; 122 RPM flight speed; attachment arms for Category III 3-point

Inclined Conveyor: 10 ga. abrasion resistant steel lower trunking and pan; 1” flame cut sprockets on 2 7/16” top and bottom shafts; 42,000# tensile strength chain; ½” UHMW paddles; 400 ft./min. chain speed; 12” canvas spout

Undercarriage: Standard scoops only; castoring wheels; hydraulic lift; 3-point attachment to tractor; undercarriage supports conveyor when not on the tractor; 11L15 implement tires.

Tractor Specifications: Fits most late model tractors 90 HP or more (540 RPM PTO speed); Category III 3-point is standard; Category II requires special mounting pins. On 40′ standard scoops: (conveyor outside tire) the distance from the three-point to the lead edge of the front tire cannot exceed 175”; distance from the tractor PTO to the end of the axle (outside the tire) cannot exceed 55”. On 35′ center feed scoops: (conveyor inside tire) the distance from the centerline of the tractor to the centerline of the conveyor is 24”; conveyor is 14” wide

Reach & Elevation

Reach and Elevation


Center Feed

Discharge Height* 11 ½’ – 21 ½’ 10′ – 18 ½’
Discharge Reach* 19′ – 14′ 15′ – 11′
Transport Height 13 ½’ 13 ½’

*Lowest (16°) and highest (32°) inclines.


Hydraulic Spout: Power rotation for the pan spout. This option also raises and lowers the spout.
Dump Hopper: For standard scoops only. Bolt-on panel forms a trough on the blade for unloading from trucks or wagons.

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