Horizontal Drag Chain Conveyors

Horizontal Drag Chain Conveyors feature low horsepower requirements per bushel compared to an auger. Sudenga optimized durability and maintenance on our drag conveyor for commercial ag use. Overhead, on-grade or underground, drag chain conveyors are a great choice with runs to 200 feet and up to 30,000 bushels per hour unloading capacity. Several packages available.

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Drag Chain Conveyors
Standard Features
  • 3,500 to 30,000 BPH unloading rates
  • Runs to 200 feet
  • Rack and pinion outlets with electric or manual opener
  • Head section: Flame cut sprockets on shafts up to 6-1/2″ (based on conveyor size); outboard mount pillow block bearings; UHMW shaft dust seals; shaft mount helical drive
  • Tail section: Flame cut sprockets on shafts up to 4-15/16″ (based on conveyor size); threaded rods provide chain tension
  • Nylon return rollers
  • 5° and 10° elbows provide discharge clearance
  • Abrasion resistant side and bottom liners
  • D81XHH chain in lieu of D81X chain (where applicable)
  • Nylon paddles
  • Double flight chain and paddles
  • Recycle cups
  • Slack chain detectors and plug switches
  • Return rail packages
Capacities & Dimensions

Choose a conveyor and chain speed based on capacity required. NOTE: Choosing a larger conveyor running at slower speeds requires less maintenance than smaller conveyors running at faster speeds. Also, with a larger conveyor, capacities can be raised later, in some applications.


Standard Inlet: Inlets sit on the intermediate section lid. The intake opening is placed away from the tail.

Metering Plate: Mount below hopper tank inlets to meter product flow into conveyor.

Bypass Inlets: Bypass inlets direct incoming grain around the upper return chain. Internal gates can be adjusted to fine tune capacities.

Plain Outlet: May be used under manual and electric outlet gates.

Leg Outlet: Leg outlets are used where an offset outlet is required.

Inquire about additional options and accessories.


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