Round Tube Power Sweeps

Sudenga’s 8″ & 10″ round tube power sweeps are available for bins or silos to 80’5″. Standard features include heavy duty gearboxes, galvanized underbin tube and a sweep backshield. Designed for trouble-free installation for the bin or silo erector, long-term reliability and easy maintenance. Installs in dryer floor or concrete floors with a trench.

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Round Tube Power Sweep

8" and 10"
Standard Features

Sudenga’s 8″ and 10″ round tube power sweeps are available for bins or silos to 61′ 10″ (8″) and 80′ 5″ (10″).

Sweep carrier: Standard on all sweeps in bins 54’ and larger. Wheel design helps spread the weight on bin floors.

Intermediate sumps: Factory installed. Adjustable tops for uneven bin floors. UHMW pads (8” sumps) or UHMW rollers (10” sumps) for smooth, positive gate operation.

Center sump: Sweep engagement is inside lower gearbox. UHMW rollers (8” and 10” sumps) for smooth, positive gate operation. Large opening for less plugging. Low profile design for 13” floors.

Enclosed sweep start-up controls: The sweep engagement operates in an oil-bath inside the lower gearbox. 1¼” shafts throughout. The sump design provides easy access to lower gearbox.

Unloading Auger 8″ System 10″ System
Horizontal 2,400 BPH 5,500 BPH
27° Incline 2,400 BPH 4,800 BPH
Vertical 2,400 BPH 4,800 BPH
Flight Dia. Flight Ga. Flight Pipe Flight Shaft
8″ Underbin Auger 7¼” 3/16” 2½” 1½”
8″ Sweep Auger 5¼” 3/16” 1¼” 1”
10″ Underbin Auger 9¼” ¼” 2-7/8” 1½”
10″ Sweep Auger 7¼” ¼” 1½” 1¼”





►Universal 16” diameter molded tire for all bin sizes
►Increased amount of available tread to improve wear life
►Improved density for optimum balance between traction and life
►Deeper reductions for improved wheel life and traction

Clean Sweep

►Sudenga’s clean sweep bristles drastically reduce the amount of grain left behind on the bin floor. Work smart, not hard.
►Optional on 8″ and 10″ sweeps.

Performance varies depending on grain condition and condition of floor.


Underbin Auger Extensions

►Extend the discharge point away from the bin
►Available in 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 feet lengths

Unloading Augers

Sudenga’s 8″ and 10″ round tube power sweeps are available with three types of unloading augers:

►Horizontal head, 30″
►Inclined head, 27°, 5′ or 7′
►Vertical head, 16′

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