Stop Assist

Eliminate climbing in and out of the truck to reposition, and remove the need for an extra person. The Stop Assist will help you stop right on the target each and every time. Use the Stop Assist on grain handling equipment, feed trucks and trailers, railcars, cement trucks and on construction sites—anywhere you have to align equipment on a regular basis.

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Stop Assist

How it works

Operation is easy. Once the equipment is in place for initial use, position the main unit opposite of truck or trailer, then attach sensor to the side of truck. On all subsequent trips the Stop Assist will alert you both visually and audibly so you can stop right on target…every time. Equip multiple vehicles with sensors for an even quicker and smoother operation.

Features & Benefits
  • Align equipment quickly and easily
  • Decrease waste and spillage
  • No need for an extra person or spotter
  • No need to get out of the truck
  • Increased efficiency. Work smart, not hard.
  • Made in the USA
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