Drive Over Hopper

Unload from hopper-bottom trailers and gravity wagons quickly and easily. Available with electric or hydraulic drive options, this low-profile hopper can unload up to 7,500 BPH. Heavy-duty, spring-assisted ramps ease your setup and knock-down.

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Portable Drive Over Hopper
Standard Features

  • Capacities up to 7,500 BPH
  • Available in either electric or hydraulic power: Hydraulic drive uses Char-Lynn “H” Series 6.2 CID motor. Electric drive includes belt guards, shaft covers, and jackshaft double reduction
  • 10 ga. construction
  • Heavy D81X chain with reinforced UHMW paddles
  • Rubber belting around center dump opening
  • Separate inlets for gravity wagons and hopper trailer
  • Straight, tapered, or flanged discharge openings; 10″ x 16¾” standard discharge opening
Capacities 3500, 5000, or 7500 BPH
Deck Height 9¾”
Transport Manual or hydraulic transport raise options; ramps feature spring-assist for easy set up and knock down. Removable hitch. Hitch jack
Hoppers 36″ x 48″ center dump for trucks and trailers. 24″ x 36″ side dump for gravity  wagons (side dump folds down to cover the grate when not in use).

  • Speed control valve kit: hydraulic drive
  • Hydraulically operated transport
  • Discharge neck extensions in 36″, 48″ and 60″ lengths
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