Take your feed processing and handling systems to the next level with industry-leading experience and innovation. Know your goals and current and future needs to ensure you get the right feed system for you and your bottom line. Incorporate augers, bucket elevators, and drag conveyors from Sudenga Industries for true one-stop integration.

Over half of the top US-based feed manufacturers trust Sudenga for their feed processing and automating equipment needs — you can too! 

Roller Mill

Sudenga’s Roller Mill is available in single, double, and triple pair high setups with capacities up to 48 TPH at 500 microns. Available with roll gap automation and load compensating controls.

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Micro Ingredient Systems

Commercial and standard duty micro ingredient systems provide accuracy to within two one-hundredths of a pound. Systems offer a VFD drive with PLC interface. Up to 24 six-cubic-foot hoppers available in any configuration to fit the application.

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Batch Controllers

Automate an entire feed processing system—from grinding to mixing to inclusion of micro ingredients—all through one control panel. Sudenga batching software runs directly from a desktop PC running the latest Microsoft operating system.

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Loss-In-Weight Micro Systems

Weigh and add ingredients automatically for the fastest, most efficient, and most accurate batching possible. Avoid handling medications and additives with the Sudenga Loss-In-Weight system. NTEP certified Loss-In-Weight systems are available.

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A reliable, low-maintenance mill is an integral part of any feed production system, and simplicity is the hallmark of our hammermill’s design. Varying screen size attains proper particle size, and varying motor horsepower ensures that this mill fits the job.

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Horizontal Mixer double ribbon for complete, quick mixing. Covers and guarding removed for clarity.

Horizontal Mixers

Available in sizes of up to 6000 pounds, Sudenga double ribbon mixers ensure thorough mixing of all types of products, from fine powdered materials to coarse ground ingredients.

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Infinifeed Loop

Move feed quietly and efficiently with the Infinifeed Loop system. The continuous loop design features Sudenga’s proven technology chain conveyor. It is available with single or double inlet hoppers in lengths up to 127 feet and capacities up to 1,800 BPH (2200 CFPH).

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Horizontal Pre Mixers

Sudenga horizontal pre-mixers offer an efficient and economical solution for a variety of applications where small batches are necessary. Choose from two models providing 500-pound or 750-pound capacity.

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Horizontal Mixer / Surge Hopper

Increase production with a specially designed surge hopper for your horizontal mixer. Sudenga’s Horizontal Mixer / Surge Hopper combination can increase your production time with reduced batch cycle times and fast, efficient clean out.

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Rigid frame style bag stand with fork lift bracket.

Bulk Bag Stands

Add the ultimate versatility to your feed system using Sudenga’s bulk bag stands. Unload in a variety of ways, including rigid augers, flex augers, chain loop, etc.

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Weigh Hopper

Weigh hoppers from Sudenga increase batching capacities and feed weighing accuracy thanks to a CBX monitoring computer. Select from weigh hoppers that can handle minor scale weighing to major scale weighing.

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Feed Batching Systems

Choose from Sudenga’s quality feed batching systems, which can be customized to your operation. Our skid-mounted systems are ideal for applications requiring a compact, all-in-one feed batching solution. Pair it with CBX controller software for efficient feeding.

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