Electronics for Farm Equipment

Sudenga offers a wide range of ag equipment, including electronics for farm and commercial applications. Check out our Phase Conversion Panels that provide single to three phase conversion for grain bins as well as our Stop Assist trailer alignment sensor.

Stop Assist

Eliminate climbing in and out of the truck to reposition, and remove the need for an extra person. The Stop Assist will help you stop right on the target each and every time. Use the Stop Assist on grain handling equipment, feed trucks and trailers, railcars, cement trucks and on construction sites—anywhere you have to align loading and unloading equipment on a regular basis.

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BOS II – Seed Box Opening System

Emptying seed boxes and filling seed tenders or planters can easily be a one-man job with the remote controlled BOS II Seed Box Opening System. Designed with the commercial seed operation in mind, Sudenga’s BOS II is great for anyone that doesn’t want to climb a ladder to open a seed box gate.

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Phase Conversion Panels

Single to three phase conversion for grain bins enables you to convert 230 or 480 volt single phase to 230 or 480 volt three phase. Able to withstand northern winters and southern summers as well as the conditions on a typical Midwestern farm, the Sudenga Phase Conversion Panels resist dust, heat, UV sun, rain, snow, freezing and other harsh conditions.

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