Specialty Manufacturing

Founded in 1888, Sudenga Industries has become an expert in the science of helping clients move bulk product from point A to B, efficiently and accurately. Understanding the needs of the customer and the challenges each product presents is second nature to us. Sudenga Industries manufactures specialized equipment for the coffee processing and roasting industry as well as the brewing industry. Weigh and batching hoppers, bulk bag stands, flow/process software, bag slitting and dump stations, bucket elevators and belt conveyors provide quality solutions to OEMs and the coffee and brewing industries.

Coffee & Brewing Equipment

Sudenga Industries provides coffee roasters and beer brewers with quality equipment and software to streamline operations. Our equipment solutions enable you to unload, move, measure and convey coffee beans, hops, and yeast with ease. Contact us with your requirements, and we’ll design a custom solution.

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OEM/Custom Manufacturing

From engineering, to prototyping, to production runs of any size, Sudenga Industries supplies components to a number of nationally recognized manufacturers.

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