Micro Ingredient Systems

Commercial and standard duty micro ingredient systems provide accuracy to within two one-hundredths of a pound. Systems offer a VFD drive with PLC interface. Up to 24 six-cubic-foot hoppers available in any configuration to fit the application.

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Commercial Micro Skid

(CMS-2020 & CMS-2000)
CMS-2020CMS-2000 (Commercial Micro Skid)
Product Overview
  • The only NTEP Lab Certified gain-In-weight system in the country.
  • Easy integration with existing feed mill systems
  • Cost effective solutions for micro ingredient management
Standard features
  • Various bin sizes available – 3.0 cubic ft. (85 liters),  6.0 cubic ft. (170 liters), 8.0 cubic ft. (227 liters), and 10 cubic ft. (284 liters).
  • Center walk-through aisle.
  • Standard ¾ HP TEFC motors.
  • Carbon steel frame with tough epoxy finish over durable primer.
  • High accuracy NTEP approved “S” style loadcells and summing junction box.
  • To minimize bridging the micro bins are designed with three vertical sides, chamfered corners, and a large conveyor discharge opening.
  • 20:1 ratio gearboxes standard.
  • English/metric measuring tape in each bin.
  • Standard pneumatic rotating drum.
Optional features
  • Mechanical agitator for individual bins.
  • Individual bin interlock switch to be used in locking individual bins with hinged lids with solenoid release.
  • Individual bin dust collection hood.
  • NTEP certified scale system with certified scaling vessel.
  • Hinged micro bin lids.
  • 1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP, and 3 HP motors.
  • 10:1 ratio gearbox and 5:1 ration gearbox.
  • Class II, Division I motors. (Explosion proof)
  • Individual micro bin high/low level sensors for filling micro bins from another source.
  • Three point individual FDA hoppers for inventor control or reconciling.
  • Individual micro bin inlets for filling micro bins from a bulk container.
  • Electrical rotating drum.
Rotating Drum
  • Rotating drum is enclosed in a stainless steel shroud.  The shroud is bolt together for easy service.
  • 20” (50.8 cm) Rotating drum is rotated with standard pneumatic actuator or optional electric motor with gearbox.
  • 24” (61.0 cm) rotating drum is rotated with electric motor with gearbox. (Pneumatic not available)

Commercial Micro Skid

(CMS-4020 & CMS-6020)
Product Overview
  • CMS-4020: Micro skid system with computerized trveling scale for weighting micro ingredients.
  • CMS-6020: Skid style “loss-in-weight” system shown with collection hopper.

Standard Micro Skid

Product Overview
  • Cost effective solutions For micro management
  • Easy integration with existing feed mill systems
Standard Features
  • NTEP approved “S” style load cells
  • Stainless steel flush hopper (gate optional) reduces cross contamination between formulations
  • Ribbed poly bin for strength and rigidity. Available in poly or stainless steel. Sizes 3 cu. ft. (85 liters) or 6 cu. ft (170 liters). Custom sizes available in stainless steel bins
  • Maintenance free UHMW end bearings on micro hopper discharge auger
  • Center walk-through aisles
  • VFD controls for high and low speed motor settings
  • Half pitch flighting in bin intake and double full pitch flighting on discharge end assures consistent material flow. Available in carbon or stainless steel
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