Horizontal Mixer double ribbon for complete, quick mixing. Covers and guarding removed for clarity.

Horizontal Mixers

Sudenga’s horizontal mixers and pre-mixers are available in sizes from 500 to 6,000 pounds. The double ribbon design ensures thorough mixing of all types of products from fine powdered materials to coarse ground ingredients. A great addition to any size feed operation.

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Ensure your feed has a uniform, consistent blend with a horizontal mixer from Sudenga. The double-ribbon design provided a transverse, circular mixing that helps you produce a feed blend that meets your specific nutritional requirements. Available in sizes that range from 500 to 6000 pounds.

Horizontal Batch Mixers

1000, 2000, 4000 and 6000 lb capacities
Horizontal batch mixerHorizontal batch mixer
General Info

Sudenga’s horizontal batch mixers feature a dual ribbon, paddle-style design that ensures a fast uniform mixing of all feed ingredients. Available with capacities up to 6000 pounds with the option for a 3 or 4-point scale system. This mixer is a great addition to any medium to large feed production.

  • 1000, 2000, 4000, and 6000 pound sizes available
  • Dual ribbon, paddle-style mixer for fast, uniform mixing
  • Helical gear drives standard
  • Manual, electric, or pneumatic gates available
  • Fat/oil manifold options
  • Scale system options, 3 or 4-point
  • Mild steel or stainless steel mixer tub available
  • Screw conveyor drive for M1000 and M2000 mixers; torque arm reducer drive for M4000 and M6000 mixers

Horizontal Pre-Mixers

500 and 750 lb capacities
General Info

Looking for something smaller? Sudenga horizontal pre-mixers offer an efficient and economical solution for a variety of applications where small batches are necessary. Choose from two models providing 500-pound or 750-pound capacity.

  • 500 and 750 pound capacities
  • Dual ribbon, paddle-style mixer for fast, uniform mixing
  • Ribbon/paddle agitator for transverse and circular mixing
  • Urethane wipers for excellent clean out
  • Reliable, low maintenance drive system
  • Electric or pneumatic gates available
  • Fat/oil manifold options
  • Options: stainless steel tub, control panel, discharge auger

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Mixer with Surge Hopper & Batching Skids
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  • Mixer/Surge Hopper: Increase production with a specially designed surge hopper for your horizontal mixer. Sudenga’s Horizontal Mixer / Surge Hopper combination can increase your production time with reduced batch cycle times and fast, efficient clean out. READ MORE
  • Batching Skids: Sudenga’s skid-mounted feed batching systems provide a compact, all-in-one-solution that can be customized for your operation. Systems include options for mixers (1,000-6,000 lbs), hammermills (single, double, or none), surge hoppers, and motor control panels. READ MORE
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