Batch Controllers

Automate an entire feed processing system—from grinding to mixing to inclusion of micro ingredients—all through one control panel. Sudenga batching software runs directly from a desktop PC running the latest Microsoft operating system.

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SI-2100 Batch Controller

Standard Features

Batch Controller with Monitor: Windows 10 operating systems; Ethernet communications allow access from other computers; Total hard wired manual backup; Dual hard drives using RAID 1 provide maximum data security

Computa-Batch Process Screen: Real time batch monitoring; All screen objects can be selected to view/edit parameters, run diagnostic tests, load vehicles, and select formulas; Technical assistance/upgrades using internet

Computa-Batch Manager Screen: Create and send feed orders to batching controller; Generate reports (history, parameters, etc.); Download data to 3rd party accounting software; List formulas for release to batching controller; Display ingredients and error messages; Ingredient inventory, grain bank and lot tracking

Group History Screen: Tailor reports to specific parameters being monitored

Group Maintenance Screen: Enter group parameters; Select location and customer feed tracking; Create phase list; Batch by group

MT-2000 Batch Controller

Standard Features

Keypad: Easy to use alpha numeric keys; allows the operator to enter descriptions for formulas and ingredients

Display: Large 4.6″ x 3.4″ LCD graphic display

Memory: Over 150 formulas; formula usage; cumulative usage by ingredient; ingredient inventory; up to 200 groups; group history; up to 100 locations; location history

Incoming Ingredients: Up to 20 incoming ingredients; 8 ingredients are standard

Load out Locations: Up to 8 load out locations; 2 load outs are standard

Bin Monitoring: Batching system monitors finished feed bins, shutting the system down when the bins are full

Accuracy: Utilizes NTEP approved load cells and scale indicator

Options: 80 column serial printer

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