Railcar Unloading Hopper

Unload granulated fertilizer from hopper-bottom cars at speeds up to 40 TPH with our Railcar Unloading Hoppers. Get plenty of clearance and maneuverability with a well-balanced, corrosion-resistant design.

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Railcar Unloading Hopper

Granulated Fertilizer
Standard Features

Well balanced and easy to maneuver, the FH-500 and FH-510 railcar unloading hopper is specifically designed to unload fertilizer and other granular materials from hopper bottom railcars. It’s simplest and most economical way to unload a railcar. All exposed surfaces are painted with a special corrosion resistant paint to promote extended overall life of the unit.

  • Corrosion resistant finish on all exposed surfaces to promote extended life of the unit.
  • Twin 4” hopper augers are low profile for plenty of clearance between the car and track.
  • 40 TPH in granulated fertilizer.
  • Well balanced and easy to maneuver.
  • Fast, easy unloading for hopper bottom railcars.
  • Electric drive.

Discharge Auger:
8” diameter; 7’, 9’, and 10’ lengths; 14 ga. construction; 27° incline

33” x 84” opening; 4 7/8” height; 14 ga. construction with reinforcing rails; twin 4” augers with roller chain drive


Model Incline Length Dimension A HP Req.
FH-500 7’ 25” 5
FH-510 9’ 35” 7.5
10’ 40” 10


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