Railcar Unloading Hopper

Unload granulated fertilizer from hopper-bottom cars at speeds up to 40 TPH with our Railcar Unloading Hoppers. Get plenty of clearance and maneuverability with a well-balanced, corrosion-resistant design.

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Railcar Unloading Hopper

Granulated Fertilizer
Standard Features

Well balanced and easy to maneuver, the FH-500 and FH-510 railcar unloading hopper is specifically designed to unload fertilizer and other granular materials from hopper bottom railcars. It’s simplest and most economical way to unload a railcar. All exposed surfaces are painted with a special corrosion resistant paint to promote extended overall life of the unit.

Corrosion resistant finish on all exposed surfaces to promote extended life of the unit.
Twin 4” hopper augers are low profile for plenty of clearance between the car and track.
40 TPH in granulated fertilizer.
Well balanced and easy to maneuver.
Fast, easy unloading for hopper bottom railcars.
Electric drive.


Discharge Auger:
8” diameter; 7’, 9’, and 10’ lengths; 14 ga. construction; 27° incline

33” x 84” opening; 4 7/8” height; 14 ga. construction with reinforcing rails; twin 4” augers with roller chain drive

Model Incline Length Dimension A HP Req.
FH-500 7’ 25” 5
FH-510 9’ 35” 7.5
10’ 40” 10


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