About Us

Sudenga Industries’ reputation for service, innovation and durability has humble roots. Founded in 1888 by a German immigrant, Folkert Sudenga, we originally opened our doors as George, Iowa’s first blacksmith shop. Throughout the generations, Sudenga turned from blacksmithing to manufacturing, which was born from local farmers’ desires for “labor saving devices.”

Today, Sudenga Industries engineers and builds products that embody the durability of our blacksmithing roots and demonstrate the innovation that comes from decades of experience in manufacturing industry-leading agricultural equipment. We also provide Dur-A-Lift mounted aerial lifts and three- and four-wheel electric scooters through our Ranger All Season Corporation. Those two product lines, combined with Sudenga Industries, all fall under the Diversified Technologies, Inc. corporate umbrella.

Our Mission:  Into each product, quality. Into each transaction, integrity. Into each customer, satisfaction. Into each employee, dignity. Into each response, truthfulness. Into each accomplishment, gratitude.

Our Core Values: 

  • Integrity - Acting with honesty and honor.  Living our values.
  • Customer Focused - Long-term relationships. WOW oriented.  Accomodating and giving.
  • Innovation/Problem Solving - Pursuing new creative ideas.  Continuous improvement.
  • Safety Minded - Work safely.  Education.
  • Strong Work Ethic - Satisfaction through hard work.  Community involvement.  Healthy life balance.

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