Seed Handling Equipment

  • Seed Box Opening System - “BOS”

    Seed Box Opening System - “BOS”

    Let the new BOS II open your seed boxes for you!  The remote control BOS II is a wireless box opening system that makes opening seed boxes a breeze! Just attach the BOS II to the seed box and push a button!

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  • Gravity Wagon Auger

    Gravity Wagon Auger

    Convey bulk seed quickly and gently from your gravity wagon to your planter or drill. Augers available with steel core bristle or poly cupped flighting. Mounts easily on virtually any wagon. Shown here with optional three-piece telescoping spout.

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  • Gravity Wagon Belt Conveyor

    Gravity Wagon Belt Conveyor

    For the ultimate in gentle seed handling to your planter or drill, use a belt conveyor. Cleated belt drastically reduces fallback, a common problem with flat top belts. Mounts easily on virtually any wagon. Shown here with optional three-piece telescoping spout.

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  • Undercar Belt Hopper

    Undercar Belt Hopper

    Gently move seed and other sensitive commodities from hopper bottom trailers and other low clearance situations.  This undercar belt hopper features a collapsible vinyl hopper and adjustable discharge height. Balance is engineered into this unit, so moving it is a snap.

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  • 12” Seed Belt Conveyor

    12” Seed Belt Conveyor

    The way to gently handle seed, fertilizer or any other free flowing commodity.  Hydraulic, electric, PTO and Gas over Hydraulic drives are available.  Lengths from 25 to 75' in 5' increments.  Also available without the transport for use in stationary applications.

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  • 8” Seed Belt Conveyor

    8” Seed Belt Conveyor

    Cleated belt conveyors are a sound choice for any general conveying use, but have been proven to be uniquely suited for seed treating applications. Cleated conveyors offer the gentle handling of a traditional belt conveyor, but offer better capacity retention at increasing incline angles. The patented cleated belt design forms a cup inside the tube as the material is being conveyed which prevents material fall back, while gently carrying the seed up the incline. 

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  • Weigh Hoppers (Holding Tank)

    Weigh Hoppers (Holding Tank)

    Weigh hoppers, or seed holding tanks, can be equipped with, or without scales and are available in capacities of 200, 250 and 300 bushels. Standard units are extremely versatile and fit a number of configuration challenges. Legs are extendable. Hoppers can be equipped with sight glasses and ladders as necessary.

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  • Bulk Seed Loadout Tank

    Bulk Seed Loadout Tank

    Designed for seed dealers who want to offer bulk seed to their customers. Store up to 2,500 pounds of bulk seed indoors and gently convey into trucks or wagons with a belt conveyor, poly cup or steel core bristle flight auger.

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  • Horizontal Belt Conveyors

    Horizontal Belt Conveyors

    Model 2008 Horizontal Belt Conveyors are engineered for gentle handling of valuable seed and other bulk materials at speeds of up to 5000 cfh. The perfect solution for return from hopper bottom bins.

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  • Hydraulic Power Kit

    Hydraulic Power Kit

    Hydraulic power wherever you need it. 8 HP Briggs & Stratton engine with recoil start produces 9 gallons per minute of hydraulic pressure.

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  • TD-Seed Series Augers

    TD-Seed Series Augers

    Versatile, gentle and ecomomical, Sudenga's TD-Seed Series augers are a great choice for handling a variety of seed and other commodities. A solid choice for use as a seed treatment auger as well.  Available with poly cup or steel core bristle flight.

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