Undercar Belt Hopper

The Sudenga Undercar Belt Hopper is designed to move seed from low clearance hopper bottom trailers, trucks, or wagons. Its transport winches up, allowing the hopper to be swung easily, plus, it’s balanced to make the whole unit easy to move.

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Undercar Belt Hopper

General Info

Gently move seed and other sensitive commodities from hopper bottom trailers and other low clearance situations. This undercar belt hopper features a collapsible vinyl hopper and adjustable discharge height. Balance is engineered into this unit, so moving it is a snap. Capacity to 4000 BPH.  Hydraulic or electric drive options.

Standard Features
  • 12” x 15’ conveyor with 14” belting
  • Capacities to 4000 BPH (5000 CFH)
  • Transport winches up, allowing the hopper to be swung around easily.
  • Transport raises the dis-charge point an additional 7” from a “level hopper” position.
  • Discharge has an oversized handle to make moving the hopper easy.
  • A remote lever collapses the hopper shroud  for extra clearance and raises to minimize spillage.
  • Spout is designed for gentle transition from incline to discharge.

* 31″ is the hopper level (as shown)
* 38″ is with jack at maximum extension

Tube: 12 ga. mild steel tube – 12” diameter.
Belting: 14” PVC belt with crescent top surface. 4” vulcanized drive roller; 4” self cleaning bottom roller; top and bottom bearings for belt tension and tracking.
Drive: Electric Drive – 400 FPM belt speed (variable by changing motor pul-ley). 5 HP is recommended (motor not included). Adverse conditions may require 7½ HP. Hydraulic Drive – includes 6.2 CID “H” Series motor.
Spout: Opening is 10” wide and 9” deep.


Electric or hydraulic drive.

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