Gravity Wagon Auger

The Gravity Wagon Belt Conveyor can fill a three-bushel planter box in 12 seconds. Its 6″ conveyor tube and 9″ cleated belting give you a positive flow. And since its transfer hopper fits many gravity wagons and seed transports, this belt conveyor is ready to move seed fast.

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Gravity Wagon Auger

General Info

Convey bulk seed quickly and gently from your gravity wagon to your planter or drill. Augers available with steel core bristle or poly cupped flighting. Hydraulically driven, couple with our hydraulic power kit for ultimate convenience. Mounts easily on virtually any wagon. Shown here with optional three-piece telescoping spout.

Standard Features

Universal hopper fits most wagons and seed transports.
Easy installation and removal.
Simple operation. Pull the rope to start the auger and release to stop.
Auger swings left to right and raises or lowers.

Flighting types

Poly cup flighting: Great for conveying fertilizer and seed gently.
Bristle flighting: High capacities with drastic reductions in seed damage.


Auger Lengths: 6” augers available in 12′, 14′ and 18′ lengths. 8” auger available in 12′ length.
Auger Tube: 14 ga. cold drawn welded tube.
Flighting: High density polyethylene cupped plastic modules on hex tube; nylon bristle flight with steel center.
Auger Drive: Char Lynn 6.2 CID “H” series hydraulic motor, control valve w/ remote rope control & spring-loaded shut-off.
Transfer Hopper: Universal mount fits many gravity wagons and seed transports; designed for easy installation and removal.

6″ 8″
Poly Cup Flight 875 BPH 1,600 BPH
Bristle Flight 500 BPH 1,360 BPH
  • Solenoid valve control: Remote auger operation. Eliminates constant rope tension required for auger operation.
  • 4’ urethane spout
  • Three-piece telescoping spout (to 15½’)
  • Hydraulic power kit: 8 HP gas engine. 9 GPM hydraulic pump. Manual or electric start.
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