Ox Series Portable Augers

  • Hi-Efficiency Series

    Hi-Efficiency Series

    This is the Ox Hi-Efficiency series.  It’s busy right now.

    The Hi-Efficiency portable auger features a versatile hydraulic scissor lift, bottom drive PTO, and gimbal mount hinged hopper. Up to 82' long, and capacities up to 7,000 bushels per hour. If you're looking to goof around, keep looking. Available in painted or galvanized finishes.

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  • Big Hi-Efficiency (to 122’ in Length)

    Big Hi-Efficiency (to 122’ in Length)

    Have a few hundred tons of grain to spare?  The Big Hi-Efficiency could use a snack.

    Loading a large bin? Piling grain in flat storage? Looking for high capacity and extreme reliability? This one will do just fine. The Big Hi-Efficiency portable auger is available in lengths of 92', 102', 112', and 122'. It’s a big auger, and it’s hungry. Just don’t expect it to wear a jacket and tie to dinner.

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  • Hopper Rotate Electric & Hydraulic

    Hopper Rotate Electric & Hydraulic

    Effortless positioning for swing-around hoppers on Hi-Efficiency Augers!

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  • Model TD-450

    Model TD-450

    There’s work to do.  The Ox Top Drive Series is a beast.

    The TD-450A (Top Drive Series) Ox portable auger features multiple drive options, including electric, PTO, hydraulic, and underslung gas engine. Available in tube diameters of 6", 8", 10", 12" and NEW 14". Standard cage intake, optional 17° hopper. Let it load and unload your grain bins. Let it fill or take away from your dryers. Just let it work.

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  • Auger Wheel Jack with Handle

    Auger Wheel Jack with Handle

    Save your back by adding this wheeled jack to all your portable augers!  Integrated jack, never flat tires and long handle help move your auger without bending over.

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  • Drive Over Hopper

    Drive Over Hopper

    Don’t tell the Ox it looks handsome.
    The Drive Over Hopper is here to unload grain, not win a fashion show.

    Unload from hopper bottom trailers and gravity wagons quickly and easily. Available with electric or hydraulic drive options this low profile (9-3/4") hopper can unload up to 7,500 BPH. Heavy-duty ramps are spring assisted for ease of set-up and knock down.

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  • Truck Hopper

    Truck Hopper

    No-nonsense.  This Truck Hopper doesn’t mess around.

    Short elevation and high capacities situation? Try the Ox Truck Hopper on for size. 6' or 8' incline tubes and capacities up to 6,500 BPH. It’s versatile and it’s well-balanced. Available in electric or hydraulic drive. It gets in, and then it gets out. No funny business.

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  • 11,000 BPH Super Scoop

    11,000 BPH Super Scoop

    Load piles from flat storage quickly and easily; 11,000 bushels per hour! 16" diameter x 10' long intake auger feeds an incline conveyor and making quick work of grain pile clean up.  Fits most tractors 90 HP and up.

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  • 20,000 BPH Ultra Scoop

    20,000 BPH Ultra Scoop

    Pick up millions of bushels fast with Sudenga's 20,000 BPH Ultra Scoop.  Loads a typical grain trailer from your flat storage pile in as little as 3 minutes!

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  • Container Loaders

    Container Loaders

    Load shipping containers quickly and easily with container loaders from Sudenga Industries.

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  • Auger Wagons

    Auger Wagons

    Sudenga Auger Wagons. The solution for on farm feed transport. This unit is dependable and built to last. Ideal for long distance between mixing and feeding sites, especially in rough terrain.

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