Drive over Hopper Double

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Double down with the Ox Double Drive Over Hopper. Just don't be surprised if you have Lookie Lous.

The patent pending portable dual inlet drive over hopper (PDOH Double) is sure to turn some heads. Convert virtually any grain handling system into a double inlet pit system. With capacities up to 7,500 BPH and both hoppers open you can empty a 1,000 bushel trailer in only 8 minutes. Convenient, quick and economical; we don't mess around.



***Selected as one of Farm Equipment Showcase's Top Specialty Products for 2017

***Selected as one of Farm Catalog's Best New Products of 2017








Cut your grain trailer unloading time almost in half with the Ox Double Portable Drive Over Hopper by eliminating the need to move to unload both hoppers. We estimate that eliminating the need to move your grain trailer can save as much as four minutes per load. The portable format allows you to convert virtually any grain handling system into a double inlet pit system.

Proven chain and paddle conveyor is fed by low impact hydraulically driven belt conveyors. By eliminating the need to drive across the belt conveyor, the PDOH Double is less finicky than single inlet drive over belt conveyors on the market.

To minimize spilled grain, the conveyor features automatically actuated hopper skirts that raise and lower when the conveyors are engaged or disengaged.



Capacities 7500 BPH

Multiple inlet locations:

- Dual belt conveyors receive from both hoppers of typical grain trailers and feed to the center conveyor

- 36" x 48" center dump can be used to receive from end dump or single hopper trucks and trailers

- 24" x 36" side dump for gravity wagons (side dump folds down to cover the gate when not in use)

Hydraulically driven conveyors also used to raise and lower transport wheels.

Features heavy duty spring-assisted ramps for easy set up and knock down

10 ga. construction

D81x chain with reinforced UHMW paddles

9-3/4" overall deck height

Removable hitch



  Standard Incline 36" Extension 48" Extension 60" Extension
A 17'3" 19'6" 20'2" 20'10"
B 11'10" 13'11" 14'8" 15'4"
C 39.2" 65.2" 73.9" 82.6"
D 30" 54.8" 63" 71.3"
E 48" 73.2" 81.5" 89.4"



Hydraulic operated transport

Hitch jack

Discharge spout with 10" x 16.75" opening

Need more discharge height? Extend the neck by 36", 48" or 60 inches.


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Other patents pending.






Watch the Portable Drive Over Hopper Double in action.

Watch the hopper skirts raise and lower.

Features heavy duty ramps

Portable Drive Over Hopper Double in action.