Introducing 2 New Portable Drive Over Hoppers

Save time during harvest with one of our new portable drive over hoppers. The PDOH 125 features capacities up to 12,500 BPH and the PDOH Double allows you to unload both truck hoppers at the same time!

PDOH 125

It’s like our original PDOH….but faster!

The PDOH 125 is the new big brother to the original Sudenga PDOH. It features a wider, but equally low profile conveyor which offers clearance for virtually any common grain truck or hopper trailer. Capacities of up to 12,500 bu/hr can be expected with the new PDOH 125, which will unload a grain trailer in under five minutes!

PDOH 125 features double D81X chains, 1/2″ thick UHMW paddles and heavy gauge construction for long term durability and ultimate return on investment.  The only problem you’ll have after purchasing the PDOH 125 next harvest is how to deal with your neighbor’s envious looks. Read more.

PDOH Double

Unload from both hoppers of a grain trailer at the same time!

The new patent pending PDOH Double features two inlet conveyors so there is no need to re position the truck to unload the second hopper. You can convert virtually any grain handling system into a double inlet pit system. To minimize spilled grain, the conveyor features automatically actuated hopper skirts that raise and lower when the conveyors are engaged or disengaged. Available in capacities of 3500, 5,000 or 7500 bushels an hour. Read more.