Poultry Barn Installation

Check out this poultry barn featuring Sudenga’s Infinifeed Loop System along with a Double Barrel and Horizontal Chain Conveyor.


Sudenga Equipment: Infinifeed continuous feed loop system, Double Barrel chain conveyors, and horizontal chain conveyor

About the Site: This poultry barn site features Sudenga’s Infinifeed Loop, which is a continuous loop feed system that is available with capacities up to 1,800 BPH (2,200 CFPH) and in lengths up to 127 feet. The modular design can be customized for your needs and, like in case, it can easily be integrated into existing installations. For this particular setup, the feed is being fed into the poultry barn via a 1210 horizontal chain conveyor that then feeds into a 6″ Double Barrel Chain Conveyor, which can be installed at inclines up to 60 degrees, which in turn feeds the Infinifeed Loop System. The double inlet hopper is available in two sizes and has the option for 12″ hopper extensions. Ask us about upgrading your feeding system.

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