Hog Feeding Operation near Lismore, MN

Check out this Lismore, MN farm site featuring a painted feed leg, micro skid, weigh hopper, mixer, tote bag system, and loop system.


Sudenga Equipment: Painted Feed Leg, Micro Skid, Weigh Hopper, Mixer, Tote Bag System, Loop System

Sudenga Dealer: Ag Builders, Windom, MN

About the Site: This farm operation near Lismore, MN is able to mix, weigh, and batch their own hog feed. This setup, designed and installed by Ag Builders, features a Medium 24″, 120′, painted feed leg that can move feed at speeds up to 3,500 BPH. The site also has a 20-bin micro ingredient skid, a 3-ton weigh hopper, a 3-ton mixer, a 4-tote bag system, and Sudenga’s 8″ Feed Loop Conveyor System. Read more about all of these products by clicking the links below.

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