Sudenga History: The “Lift-O-Matic”

The “Lift-O-Matic” was a labor-saving device created by Sudenga in the 1950’s. It was mainly marketed to banks, but also was installable in homes, supply houses, and more.

In the 1950’s, Sudenga created the Lift-O-Matic. The Lift-O-Matic was designed to allow individuals to transport loads up to 100lbs from one floor to the next. It allowed for quick transport of documents, tools, messages, household items, and much more. It was installable within existing structures in the business or home, making its integration into a space fairly simple.

The “Lift-O-Matic” was easy to operate, making it accessible to a wide range of people and businesses. A simple push of a button would move the up-to-100lb load with ease. This made the product especially popular with banks, as they had the constant need to move statements, ledgers, cash, correspondence, etc. many times throughout the day. This device became a great time saver for the businesses who utilized it.

The “Lift-O-Matic” was avaliable in 2-story or multi-story setups.

The “Lift-O-Matic” was received positively by consumers. Watch this video to read some of the positive letters Sudenga received from owners & architects who used the “Lift-O-Matic”.

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