New Signage for Sudenga

Sudenga’s shows off its new front entrance sign. This large steel iteration of our iconic red logo serves as a greeting to our customers, as well as a reference to our past.


Here at Sudenga Industries, we’ve acquired a reputation for service, innovation and durability—a reputation that we have possessed for over a hundred years. We take great pride in providing customers with quality grain, feed, and seed handling equipment. Our customers know that when they see our logo on an auger, bucket elevator, bin sweep, or any ag equipment we produce, that they can have confidence in the product they are using. That is why we wanted our logo—a stamp of assured quality & durability—to be the first thing our customers see when they visit our plant.

On Friday, June 10, we raised & secured our new entrance sign. Made of steel and painted our signature Sudenga red, it is certainly something to behold. But this sign isn’t the first time we’ve proudly displayed our name above our main entrance.

Sudenga’s new sign also serves as a callback to our past. As you can see in the photograph above, Sudenga Industries previously had an entry sign that shares multiple similarities with our new signage. The most obvious of these similarities being their appearance, as both signs boldly display our logo. The other important similarity the two signs share is that they were both designed, fabricated, and painted at our Sudenga production plant.

The next time you stop by the Sudenga plant, feel free to take a moment to admire this charming new addition to our campus.

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