New Powder Coat Finish

Sudenga Industries is excited to now offer a powder coat finish as a standard feature for many of our grain handling products.

With the addition of our new production facility at our plant in northwest Iowa, we are now proud to offer a new powder coat finish on several of our grain-handling products. This finish comes at no additional cost to our customers and provides numerous benefits over traditional finishes, including enhanced durability, superior flexibility, and a smoother, more consistent appearance.

Powder coating offers exceptional durability and longevity. It can withstand the harsh outdoor elements for over 20 years, maintaining its integrity and protecting the base metal of your equipment. Unlike other finishes that may chip or fade, powder coatings provide a robust and stable shield that significantly reduces the need for recoating, ensuring your equipment remains in top condition for longer periods.

One of the standout advantages of powder coating is its impressive flexibility. This finish can bend and yield without cracking or flaking, making it ideal for products with moving parts. The ability to maintain its form under stress ensures that your equipment stays protected and functional, even under demanding conditions.

Powder coating achieves a superior, uniform finish. The process involves melting and reforming into a solid, resulting in a smooth, drip-free surface. This method ensures a consistent, high-quality appearance that enhances the aesthetic appeal and performance of your grain-handling products.

Sudenga is proud to be able to implement this enhancement into our line of products.

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