Keep Bin Floors Clean with Sudenga Clean Sweep Bristles

Clean sweep bristles can greatly reduce the amount of grain left behind on the bin floor. Work smarter, not harder with clean sweep bristles and self-cleaning end wheels.

Work Smarter with Clean Sweep Bristles & Self-Cleaning End Wheels

Increase your efficiency with Sudenga Clean Sweep Bristles. Clean sweep bristles clean closer to the floor than other bristles, drastically reducing the amount of grain left behind on the bin floor. This helpful add-on, also known as a clean floor kit, is available for Sudenga 8″ and 10″ Round Tube Power Sweeps. Clean Sweep Bristles are also optional for 10″ U-Trough Power Sweeps and come standard on 12″ U-Trough Power Sweeps.

Clean sweep bristles pair well with our self-cleaning end wheels. Our new 11:1 and 20:1 molded end wheels feature a ribbed, self-cleaning design that helps pull grain in from the side of the bin wall leaving less grain to clean up. This molded wheel design not only has more traction but also a longer wheel life.*

This combination of clean sweep bristles and self-cleaning wheel ends transforms a traditional power sweep into a grain-moving, floor cleaning machine. Floor cleaning results of these attachments rival those of a paddle-style sweep, with less cost!**

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*As compared to earlier Sudenga sweep end wheel designs

**Bristles should not contact the floor.  Failure to properly adjust the clean floor attachment to bin floor conditions can impact the advancement of the sweep and wheel wear.  Thoroughness of floor cleaning will vary by application and may require multiple passes of the sweep for best results in some applications.