‘Hull’din up the Competition’ creates winning video

Hull, Iowa team announced the winner of Sudenga Video Contest

We would like to congratulate Nolan Meerdink along with team members Dan Meerdink, Ken Brunsting and Jacob Van Leeuween for their work on a video about Sudenga’s Micro Skids that won them first place in the first annual Sudenga Video Contest. The team members, all of from Hull, Iowa, entered under the team name ‘Hull’din up the competition’ and they did just that.

Nolan Meerdink, a freshman at Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC), heard about the video competition from a college friend. He then turned to his dad Dan Meerdink who introduced him to Ken Brunsting, the Feed Mill Manager at the Hull Coop in Hull, Iowa.

“Ken was great about the whole process and always willing to help us with whatever we needed,” said Meerdink.
The video featured an interview with Brunsting who explained how the Sudenga Micro System weighs and batches feed automatically and how their coop has befitted from using such a system.

“It’s a wonderful machine and it works really good. It’s made my life a lot easier. I love the thing,” Brunsting explained in the video.

Meerdink shot the video with a DSLR with a 1.8 50mm lens. The live vocals were recorded on an XLR microphone, which lead to a focusrite pre-amp, and into pro tools on a laptop. He used all natural lighting. The narrating was scripted but the interview was not. Meerdink noted that Brunsting did very well coming up with information on the spot but not all went as planned.

“The first time we filmed Ken talking about the micro system I actually forgot to press record on the pro tools session. As soon as I left, I found out I didn’t have audio, so I had to come back the next day and do it all over again. It only took about 10 minutes though, and Ken was really great about the whole thing,” explained Meerdink.

One of our favorite parts was that Meerdink went above and beyond with the music. There were three main songs in the video all which were performed my Meerdink himself.

“The first is a song I made specifically for this project was literally called “Sudenga Song”, this plays over Ken talking. The real quick song was the heavenly choir sample that plays when the micro system is introduced. The 2nd main song was the one that plays during the animation. This was a song I made a while back ago but never actually released. I figure since I probably would never end up releasing it as it’s own song I might as well include it in here. The last song was one from an album I made with a friend, and the song is called Biblocation,” said Meerdink

Meerdink’s interest in music started at a very young age. He started playing snare when he was eleven. He then moved on to guitar and then piano once he learned how interchangeable music theory was.

Van Leeuween inspired a lot of the ideas behind the animated segment of the video while Meerdink directed the scenes, made the video, produced the music, animated the middle segment, and did the voice over. They were awarded a check for $500 for their winning video. View the video here.

Nolan Meerdink and Jacob Van Leeuween are both 18 and from Hull, Iowa. Meerdink is currently a freshman at NCC and Leeuween plans to start at NCC next year.  

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