The Advantages of Powder Coating

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Sudenga Industries is excited to now offer a powder coating finish as a standard feature for many of our grain handling products. Advantages of this new powder coat finish over traditional paint finishes include:

Unlike paint, which chips, flakes, fades, and becomes worn-down as it is exposed to the outdoor elements, powder coating finishes remain far more stable over time. Powder coatings last an average of 20 years when exposed to the elements, while painted equipment often needs to be recoated after only a few years. Also, because powder coatings are thicker and denser than paint, it is overall better at protecting the base metal of your equipment from exposure.

Unlike conventional paint, powder coating can bend and yield without cracking or flaking. This characteristic is especially advantageous for products with moving parts, as it holds up well over time.

When powder coatings are applied, they actually melt and reform as a solid. This process results in a smooth finish free of drips and runs.

Paint contains volatile organic compounds and solvents, which are harmful to the environment. Powder coatings do not.