Sudenga Staff Feature – Jeff Carroll

Check out our brief Q&A with Jeff Carroll, the Director of IT at Sudenga Industries. Jeff has worked for us for 14 years!

A brief Q&A with Jeff Carroll, the Director of IT at Sudenga Industries.

Q. Jeff, how long have you worked for Sudenga Industries?

A. Fourteen years this February.

Q. What has been your favorite work memory from your time at Sudenga?

A. It’s hard to say.  I remember Larry Kruse and Lyle Hollander telling stories about traveling on sales adventures.  Another one would be when I first interviewed for a position here at DTI, I actually knew Chuck Sjogren, who at the time was head of HR, and his sister Char, who I graduated high school with. 

Q. Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

A. Sibley, Iowa & Sibley, Iowa

Q. Care to share anything about your family?

A. I have been married twice.  I am a widower with two sons and one daughter, and three grandchildren with my first wife.  With my second wife, I have three step-daughters with 2 granddaughters and one grandson. Grandchildren are awesome!

Q. Where did you attend school?

A. I attended Sibley high school, Hawkeye Institute of Technology, and then UNI (the University of Northern Iowa).

Q. Do you cheer for any sports teams?

A. Anything Minnesota on a professional level and GO HAWKS!

Q. What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t working?

A. I enjoy participating in church activities, watching documentaries of all topics, watching standup comedians, remodeling, and intellectual debates.

Q. What’s a fun fact about you many may not know?

A. I LOVE popcorn!!!!! 

Q. What is something that a lot of people might not know about Sudenga products?

A. They are built with a rich history of innovation.

Q. Anything else you’d like to share?

A. Everyone in this world is trying their best.  More love, less hate.  We are all In this life together!