Sudenga Sales Feature – Glennis Breuer

Our Sales Team Feature for the month of February is Glennis Breuer – Our independent outside Territory Rep for North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska!

A Brief Q&A with Glennis Breuer, our independent outside territory rep for North Dakota, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Q: Glennis, how long have you been a Sudenga rep?

A. I started in the Sudenga warehouse and later became an independent outside Sudenga rep. I have been working with Sudenga equipment for almost 50 years.

Q: Where did you attend school?

A. I attended Boyden-Hull and Northwest Iowa Community College.

Q. Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

A. I grew up on a farm north of Hull, and I now live in the same section that I grew up in.

Q. Care to share anything about your family?

A. I am married to my wife, Judy, and we have 3 children & 6 grandchildren.

Q. What are some of your favorite things to do when you aren’t working?

A. I farm outside of my job, and I love playing with my grandchildren.

Q. Do you have any favorite sports teams?

A. I follow all the sports teams that my grandkids follow, so I am very knowledgeable about those teams.

Q. Do you have any favorite Sudenga memories you’d like to share?

A. Back in 1975, Gary & I both worked in the warehouse. We had one 6″ center sump for a grain bin. We each had it spoken for—for different customers. My customer got it.

Q. Anything else you would like to share?

A. I was hired by Floyd Sudenga back in 1974 for $2.00 an hour.

Contact Glennis


📱 712-470-2048