Sudenga awarded patent for zero entry bin sweep innovation

Sudenga Industries, Inc. announces the issuance of a Patent number 9,650,217 from the US Patent Office for a bin sweep with a weight sensitive link for use in zero entry grain bin sweeps.

GEORGE – Sudenga Industries, Inc. announces the issuance of patent number 9,650,217 from the US Patent Office for a bin sweep with a weight sensitive link for use in zero entry grain bin sweeps.

The grain storage and handling industry has recently increased their focus on safeguards geared towards eliminating situations where grain bin engulfment injury or death can occur. 

“Entering a grain bin when grain has stopped gravity discharging and the bin sweep needs to be engaged is one of the most dangerous times. Grain is still of sufficient mass and height that can easily entrap or engulf anyone who enters,” says Greg Ver Steeg, VP Marketing & Sales at Sudenga Industries. “Typical large commercial grain bin sweeps require an operator to go into the bin at this point of the unload process to raise the sweep off the floor in preparation for turning the sweep on. A sweep equipped with Sudenga’s weight sensitive link lifts itself off the floor of the bin automatically so the operator never has to enter the bin to prepare the sweep to be started.” 

Sudenga Industries, one of the nation’s leading designers and manufacturers of grain bin sweeps, incorporates their patented technology into their “D” Series zero entry sweep line. “D” Series commerical sweeps are available for bins up to 130 feet in diameter with unloading capacities of up to 10,000 bushels per hour. Sudenga holds numerous patents, including four others related to zero entry bin unloading innovations, in addition to the new weight sensitive link patent.

“There are a lot of factors that can play into the creation of an unsafe bin unloading scenario. If you can install a bin sweep that minimizes, or even eliminates the need for entry by a person into that bin in the first place, you take away the potential for an accident to happen in the grain bin,” said Ver Steeg.  

Sudenga Industries, Inc. is a wholly owned division of Diversified Technologies, Inc. Design and manufacturing for all divisions and product lines takes place on its 40-acre campus near George, Iowa.

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