Sudenga Commercial Bin Sweep Testimonial

Craig Blom from Farmer’s Elevator, Clara City, MN shares the success he’s had with Sudenga’s D150 Commercial Bin Sweep.

Mr. Craig Blom
Farmer’s Elevator – Clara City, MN
Box 590
110 Highway 23 West
Clara City, MN  56222

I’m writing to tell you about our experience with Sudenga’s D150 Commercial Bin Sweep.  With this sweep, Sudenga really has cleaning big grain bins figured out!  We’ve had other sweeps in this 105 foot diameter tank, but we finally ended up with Sudenga’s D150 Commercial Sweep.  Not only are we able to stay out of the bin more, it actually cut the unload time of the previous sweep by over half simply because it performs better.

To start with, the D150 automatically raises and lowers itself from the floor.  We never have to go in the bin to adjust any jacks.  Since the auger of the sweep is out front, it really gets into the grain and moves it.  The auger always stays full and I can see how leading with the auger will break up any clumps of grain that may stop a lot of bin sweeps from moving forward.  Even though the sweep is aggressive, the shield behind the auger is tall enough that we have yet to see grain flow over the back.  The motorized push tractor on this sweep is physically huge!  It has plenty of traction and makes sure the sweep moves like it should.  Plus, the tractor and sweep are designed so that we don’t need any reinforcing tracks mounted to the dryer floor.  We really like our D150 sweep controls, which automatically watch how much grain the sweep is moving.  If the auger is running too empty, it tells the tractor to move the sweep into the grain.  If the sweep auger gets too full it will either stop the sweep or even back it up if necessary.  To lessen manual clean-up work, the D150 has a floor cleaning bristle that leaves a lot less grain behind than a lot of sweeps.

Overall, this sweep has been everything we’ve hoped for.  We can stay out of the bin more, have less grain to clean up after the sweep and take less time to sweep our bin.  We have been very happy with our Sudenga D150 Sweep! 


Craig Blom
Farmer’s Elevator – Clara City, MN

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