Radio controls + new home button for feed trailers

Control your feed trailer with the push of a button. PLUS – Learn about the new “Home Button” option for your next feed trailer.

Radio Controls

Control your feed trailer with the push of a button

Included in Sudenga’s RTR (Ready to Roll) feed trailers are labor saving features like the LCD hand-held radio transmitter and receiver with screens, so the operator is able to see what switches are on and what switches are off. Our radios not only turn the auger system on and off and control the auger positioning functions but can also open and close lids and turn the spotlights on and off.  The LCD screens can be seen in the brightest sunshine and are backlit to be viewed on moonless nights.  The radio has the capability, through reprogramming, of adding features.  Examples are air operated gates or the new “HOME BUTTON, that can, with the touch of one button, bring the auger from the feed bin back to the saddle.


Sudenga’s new home button allows the operator to return the discharge auger to the saddle position with the touch of one button. The operator is able to do paperwork or close bin lids while the auger transports itself back to the saddle position.

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