Grain piles to pick up? [TESTIMONIAL]

Read about one grain reclaiming service that has moved over 100 million bushels of grain with a scoop bought over a decade ago.

You need a Sudeng​a Scoop

Sudenga’s Super (11,000 BPH) and Ultra (20,000 BPH) Scoops are field-tested and proven to perform. Read about one customer’s experience with his Ultra Scoop:

***TEASER: He owns a grain reclaiming service and has moved over 100 million bushels of grain (and counting) with his Ultra Scoop bought over ten years ago.

PLAINVIEW, NEBRASKA – Rory Hoffman of Hoffman Grain Services in Nebraska purchased his current Ultra Scoop, known to his customers as the Corn Hog, from Sudenga Industries over 10 years ago. Since then he has run over 100 million bushels of wheat, beans, corn, milo, and canola through the tractor mounted chain conveyor.

“The Ultra Scoop is very well designed. For the amount of grain that has run through my machine, it still has the original chain, paddles, and gearbox in it. I have just done the normal routine maintenance and upkeep to keep it running smoothly,” Hoffman said.

The Ultra Scoop from Sudenga is a forty-foot, inclined, tractor mounted chain conveyor that can pick up flat storage piles at capacities of 20,000 bushels per hour. It can load a 1,000-bushel grain trailer in as little as three minutes.

“I have run over 100 million bushels and counting through it.  The Ultra Scoop has not only impressed me but my customers as well, with the speed in which we can pick up grain,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman Grain Service is based out of Plainview, Nebraska. They have been in business for 20 years and specialize in piling and reclaiming surplus grain for their customers in a seven-state area. They have been purchasing Sudenga Scoops since 1994.

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