GEAPS Siouxland Chapter wins award

The Siouxland chapter of the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) was awarded the Chapter of Distinction Cup at GEAPS Exchange 2018 in Denver. Read more about GEAPS and the 2018 Siouxland Chapter president here.

GEAPS Siouxland Chapter wins award

Over one half dozen Sudenga Industries staff members hold associate memberships in the GEAPS organization. All are members of the local GEAPS Siouxland chapter. The GEAPS Siouxland chapter was awarded the Chapter of Distinction award at the 2018 GEAPS Exchange trade show held recently in Denver, Colorado. The award is given to the GEAPS (pronounced JEEPS) chapter that not only increased their chapter membership but also retained the most members. We couldn’t be more proud to be part of such a booming chapter. Pictured below is chapter president and Sudenga’s very own, Gene Modder.

About Gene:

Gene Modder has been with Sudenga since 2007 where he specializes in commercial equipment sales. Gene has been a member of the Siouxland GEAPS chapter since 2008. He currently serves as the chapter president. Gene tells us a little bit about why he enjoys being part of GEAPS why he personally encourage others in the grain handling and processing industries to join:

“The GEAPS organization is constantly working to better the grain and processing industry. Whether it is ongoing learning for people that have been involved in the industry for decades, providing college level certification courses, or working to attract the next generation to the industry, the GEAPS organization has always been on the front edge of constant improvement for the whole industry. I enjoy being part of an organization that makes everyone safer and better at what they do. That is why I encourage people to join.”

More about GEAPS:

GEAPS is an international professional association of individuals that work in the grain handling and processing industry. Since 1930 GEAPS has fostered leadership, innovation and excellence in grain-related industry operations. No matter what your role is in the grain industry, from operations to senior management, shifting trends, innovations and regulations can affect you. GEAPS is a way to stay updated and connected with all aspects of the industry. Read more about GEAPS, including how to become a member at

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