Feed Mill Project

Sudenga feed processing equipment included in a new state-of-the-art feed mill project in northern Montana.

On Wednesday May 23rd, the Hi-Line Colony, located in north central Montana, will be welcoming guests to visit their brand-new layer barn, pullet barn and state-of-the-art feed mill that will be serving the colony. Sudenga equipment included in the project include a Series 2000 Micro Skid that was designed for 14 standard micro hoppers but outfitted with 21 micro hoppers as well as a M-2000 Mixer with injection auger that is mounted on a scale system. We are proud to be able to partner with Sudenga dealer NOR-AG LTD and the Hi-Line Colony on this project.

About NOR-AG
NOR-AG LTD. is your one source for feed milling, swine production, grain handling, poultry production, and fertilizer facilities, along with buildings for farm and commercial applications. Read more about NOR-AG at http://noragltd.ca

About Sudenga
Sudenga is a leading manufacture of grain, feed and seed handling equipment. Sudenga’s product list includes feed processing and automation systems, portable augers, bulk feed trailers and straight trucks, bucket elevators, drag conveyors, leg support towers and catwalk, round tube and u-trough augers, bin unloading systems including power sweeps and zero-entry sweeps for the commercial ag market, belt conveyors and a variety of accessories for installation of complete material handling systems. Read more at www.sudenga.com