Creating Solutions with Sudenga Feed Conveyor Systems

Read about two feed handling products that demonstrate Sudenga’s ability to adapt and innovate to meet our customers’ needs.


Traditional feed storage to barn delivery augers weren’t checking all of the boxes for one of America’s leading shell egg and egg product producers.  Augers offered an attractive initial price point, but the ongoing maintenance and replacement cycle didn’t provide the return on investment for the larger, taller poultry facilities they were building.

Looking to partner with a group that was willing to innovate along with them, Sudenga Industries was contacted for ideas to improve their feed delivery systems.  Understanding existing problems and expectations for installation, capacity and service-life, Sudenga proposed a version of a conveyor they had originally developed for grain handling applications. Sudenga’s Double Barrel tube conveyors were reformatted and re-engineered to allow feed to be conveyed from hopper bottom feed tanks directly into the building in one single conveyor. Over 5 years and millions of pounds of feed later, Sudenga’s first Double Barrel feed conveyor solution is still feeding millions of birds each year. As a proven success, many more systems having been added to this producer’s sites, as new buildings have been added or renovated. Improving the maintenance and replacement cycle of their original feed auger systems has helped this producer push the limits of innovation and scale in their production of shell egg and egg products.

Sudenga Double Barrel Feed Conveyors offer:

  • Configuration options to fit varying bin to barn footprints and discharge heights
  • 45° and 60° durable stainless steel elbow options
  • Highly wear resistant polyethylene paddles on heavy duty chain
  • Application specific head or tail mounted drive configurations
  • Oversized head and tail shafts and bearings
  • Capacity optimized for ideal run-time applications
  • Low system horsepower to capacity requirements
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Realizing the success Sudenga was having with their Double Barrel bin to barn feed delivery systems, a large poultry housing systems provider reached out with another related problem to solve. The next link in the feed delivery conveyor system was creating problems. The off the shelf European feed conveyors, which were transferring feed inside the poultry housing, were not robust enough for the scale of the buildings being built in North America. Once again, understanding the shortcomings of currently available solutions, Sudenga re-imagined a conveyor that was sized for a building format not seen elsewhere in the world. This durable, reliable solution is called the Sudenga Infinifeed Loop Feeding System. Fitting in the previous solution’s footprint, Sudenga’s Infinifeeds can increase capacity, reduce run time and offer superior durability to European solutions that had been used.

Sudenga Infinifeed Loop Feeding Systems offer:

  • Continuous feed loop system
  • Capacities of up to 1,800 BPH (2200 CFPH)
  • Modular design. Unrivalled system lengths of up to 127 feet
  • Feed inlets can be placed virtually anywhere in the system
  • Oversized inlet hoppers maximize fill volume, minimizing system run time needs
  • Discharges in single or double configurations, with, or without magnets
  • Heavy duty chain and paddle format. Engineered drive, shafts and bearings.
  • Installation and service friendly design
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