Building for the future

A new 10,240 square foot building is being constructed at the Sudenga Industries plant in George, Iowa.

New 10,240 square foot building being constructed at Sudenga Industries

GEORGE, IOWA — A new 10,240 square foot building is currently under construction on the 40+ acre campus of Sudenga Industries, Inc., a Diversified Technologies, Inc. company. The new addition came after much consideration on how to best serve customers with current space demands and manufacture products that people can always depend on.

“We are always looking for ways that we can improve both our products and our work flow. This addition to the Diversified Technologies campus is just one way that we were able to invest in the future of the company, our products and our customers,” said Ron Stewart, General Manager at Diversified Technologies.

The new building is expected to be completed this fall.

“We hope to make the most of the new space and are looking forward to utilizing it as winter quickly approaches,” said Stewart. “We are very optimistic about what the future holds for our company and we wanted to plan accordingly.”

Diversified Technologies is the parent company to Sudenga Industries, a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, and Dur-A-Lift, a manufacturer of truck mounted aerial lifts. The products for both companies are engineered and manufactured at the plant in George, Iowa, the same place it was founded over 125 years ago.

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