7 ways Sudenga sets the standard in grain, feed and seed handling equipment

Here are seven ways (all starting with the letter ‘S’) Sudenga goes above and beyond when it comes to manufacturing grain, feed and seed handling equipment.

The 7 S’s of Sudenga

Here are seven ways Sudenga sets the standard in grain, seed and feed handling equipment.

1. Satisfaction: Everyone knows a satisfied customer is a happy customer, yet sometimes companies seem to forget this. Here at Sudenga, customer satisfaction will always be a top priority.

2. Specifications: Sudenga’s equipment is made to be both functional and beneficial. We want to give you a product that will work and a product that will work well.

3. Strength: Grain, feed, and seed handling equipment is meant to get used and we build our products to do just that. All of our equipment is made to withstand the normal wear and tear that comes with being in the agricultural industry.

4. Safety: We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to safety. From our employees working in the plant to the end users on the farm, safety will always come first. We encourage everyone to take any and all necessary precautions when working with agricultural equipment.

5. Success: Sudenga was founded in 1888 by a German blacksmith named Folkert Sudenga. Over the years there have been some good times as well as some bad times but we couldn’t be more proud of where we came from and we look forward to what the future holds.

6. Skills: From our office staff to our manufacturing team, we have some of the best workers here at Sudenga. That Midwest work ethic everyone talks about shines in our workplace and in all of our products.

7. Support: We are more than a business, we are people. People who really do care. If you have a question about any of our equipment, just ask, we’d be more that happy to help.

But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself the benefits of owning Sudenga equipment. Call 1-888-SUDENGA to talk with our sales staff today.

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Sudenga sets the standard in grain feed and seed handling equipment!

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