10 reasons every farmer should own a Stop Sensor

Simplify your harvest routine with this patent pending trailer alignment system from Sudenga Industries. On the mark all the time.

1. Eliminates spillage. Your grain trailer will be stopped right on the mark every single time with this patent pending trailer alignment system.

2. Eliminates the needs for an extra person. No need for a spotter. Stay in the truck.

3. Can be set up or moved in as little as three minutes. This means you can quickly get aligned for unloading.

4. Adaptable. The stop sensor can be mounted almost anywhere. Placed on a tripod, attached to a wall or mounted on a bracket on the auger.

5. Can be used for more than just harvest. Anytime you have something that you need to realign often, just set up the Stop Sensor and go.

6. It’s easy to use. Almost anyone helping during harvest will be able to use the Stop Sensor and its easy alignment assistance.

7. It’s well built using quality components. And it’s made in the United States.

8. Award winning. The Stop Sensor has proven itself one award and one farmer at a time.

9. Safety. Created by a farmer after an accident while unloading. Stay in the truck more. No need for a spotter.

10. On the mark all the time. The motto says it all.

“If we can decrease our off-load times by 15 minutes, keep the trucks contained on the concrete pads, control potential spills, run more trucks through our facilities every single day without safety violations or incidents,
I think we are on to something big.” —Joshua Holwell, from J. Holwell Consulting Co. on the Stop Sensor

Sudenga is excited to add the Stop Sensor trailer alignment system to our already diverse product line. Call 1-888-SUDENGA with any questions.

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