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Check out this turkey barn site that features two Double Barrel Chain Conveyors being used to move poultry feed into the barn.


Sudenga Equipment: 2 Double Barrel Feed Conveyors

About the Site: Check out this turkey barn site that features two 6″ Double Barrel Chain Conveyors, or double-run conveyors, being used to move the poultry feed into the barn. Sudenga’s Double Barrels can be installed horizontally or at an incline up to 60 degrees. Sudenga’s Double Barrel tube conveyors, originally developed for grain handling applications, were reformatted and re-engineered to allow feed to be conveyed from hopper bottom feed tanks directly into the building in one single conveyor. Years later, Sudenga’s first Double Barrel feed conveyor solution is still feeding millions of birds each year at this site. As a proven success, many more systems have been added to this producer’s sites, as new buildings have been added or renovated.

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