Farm Site near Jasper, MN

Check out this Jasper, MN farm site featuring a Hi-Cap 24 bucket elevator and low-profile chain conveyor from Sudenga.


Sudenga Equipment: Hi-Cap 24 bucket elevator and low-profile chain conveyor

Sudenga Dealer: Hadley Steel, Inc., Hadley, MN

About the Site: This farm site near Jasper, MN features a Sudenga Hi-Cap 24″ grain leg with accessories and a Sudenga low-profile chain conveyor. Sudenga bucket elevators are available in various models with capacities ranging from 175 BPH to 20,000 BPH. The Hi-Cap 24” series capacities range from 4,300 to 6,000 BPH with maximum discharge heights from 110 feet to 152 feet. Sudenga’s legs are available in several finishes, from painted to hot-dipped galvanized. The leg featured at this site is an example of our blue enamel finish. This grain leg setup was sold and installed by Sudenga dealer, Hadley Steel, Inc. out of Hadley, MN.

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