Grain Handling System Upgrade near Iowa City, IA


Sudenga Equipment: Grain legs, inclined drag conveyor, double barrel chain conveyor, and round tube augers

Sudenga Dealer: Premier Millwright (Cedar Rapids, IA)

About the Site: This farm site near Iowa City, Iowa upgraded from using portable augers to fill their grain bins to a grain leg system with a receiving low-profile drag chain conveyor. The site handles both corn and soybeans. They were able to reuse the the existing bins and designed the grain facility around that. Here is a complete list of all Sudenga equipment utilized on site: 4012 receiving inclined drag conveyor 7,500 BPH; Medium 30 Receiving/Wet Leg 7,500 BPH; Medium 24 Dry Leg 2,500 BPH; (3) 12″ Double Barrels 10,000 BPH – Bin fill conveyors ; (1) 8″ Dryer fill Double Barrel 2,000 BPH; (2) 10″ tube screws 700 series. Premier Millwright, a Sudenga dealer out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, did the design and installation of this farm site upgrade.

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