Farm Site near Adair, IA

Check out this Adair, IA farm site featuring two Double Barrels and low-profile chain conveyor receiving pit from Sudenga.


Sudenga Equipment: 2 Double Barrels and a low-profile chain conveyor

Sudenga Dealer: M & T Bin Equipment, Menlo, IA

About the Site: This farm site near Adair, IA features a 12″ and an 8″ Double Barrel, or double-run conveyor, as well as a 4012 low profile conveyor receiving pit. Sudenga’s Double Barrel chain conveyor can be used almost anywhere a traditional auger or drag chain conveyor might be installed. They can be installed horizontally or at an incline up to 60 degrees.  Sudenga’s low-profile chain conveyor is a great solution for a permanent grain receiving setup. The low-profile design reduces installation costs and the chain conveyor format is meant for long-term durability.

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