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Sudenga Industries is a leading manufacturer of grain, feed, and seed handling equipment for both commercial and farm-duty applications. Browse some of our past equipment solutions and then connect with an expert to discuss your upcoming project needs. Our equipment options include bin sweeps, bucket elevators, chain conveyors, shallow drive over receiving pits, round tube and u-trough augers, portable augers and belt conveyors, rollermills, micro ingredient skids, hammermills, mixers, batching software and more.

Hog Feeding Operation near Lismore, MN

Sudenga Equipment: Painted Feed Leg, Micro Skid, Weigh Hopper, Mixer, Tote Bag System, Loop System

Sudenga Dealer: Ag Builders, Windom, MN

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Feed Mill Operation in New Mexico

Sudenga Equipment: CMS-2020 Micro Ingredient Skid

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Mineral Mix Facility near San Angelo, TX

Sudenga Equipment: Two bucket elevators, a horizontal mixer, a micro ingredient skid, a round tube auger, and CBX batching software.

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