Installation Photos Submission

We want your photos! Send us images of your installation of Sudenga grain or feed handling equipment to

Thank you for choosing Sudenga products to improve your grain or feed handling operation. We are proud to serve our customers and help them achieve their goals with our American-made ag products. Show us how Sudenga products have upgraded your operation by sending photos of your installation to

  • Include quality information about your equipment and operation:
    • Include your name & location
    • Provide information about the Sudenga dealer who supplied/installed the equipment
    • Clarify what Sudenga equipment is included in the installation
    • Tell us more about your operation and what the equipment is being used for (moving beans, feed-batching for poultry, etc.)
    • Let us know how our equipment has benefited your operation & how long the equipment has been in use
  • Send 5 or more photos of your installation
    • Send images of different angles of your installation
    • Send seperate photos highlighting the different pieces of equipment being used
  • Make sure your images are high quality
    • Send images that are 72 ppi (pixels per inch) or better
    • Make sure photos are high-resolution
  • Please include “Installation Photos Submission” somewhere in the email subject line
  • If your images are too large to send in one email, send your images in multiple emails

By emailing us your installation photos, you agree to grant Sudenga Industries, Inc. a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, and worldwide license to use, reproduce, modify, and distribute your photos for any purpose related to our business. You also confirm that you have the legal right and authority to upload and share your photos, and that you do not infringe on any third-party rights or violate any applicable laws.