Commercial Duty Power Sweep

Commercial sweeps are designed for operation in concrete floors with drag chain or screw conveyors below. 10 or 12″ models available for bins to 78 ft. in diameter. Internally motorized double gearbox driven sweeps are capable of housing an explosion proof motor (not included). 4 to 1 Reduction End Wheel Standard.

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Standard Features

Designed for trenched concrete floor bins with drag conveyor or commercial duty U-trough unloading systems

9-1/4″ and 11-1/4″ sweep flighting available

Capacities of 3500 and 6000 BPH

Applications for bin diameters from 30′ to 60′-10″


Double right angle gearboxes (1-1/2″ shafts); HTD timing, gear-type drive with double #60 roller chain; motor mount for explosion proof motor (not included)

Gates under the center sump are available with or without rack and pinion openers and control wheels

Intermediate sump recommendations are shown below


Sectionalized construction for two-pass operation (recommended by most bin manufacturers on bins 48′ and larger); bins 48′ and larger include a carrier wheel assembly; 1/4″ flight on 2-7/8″ pipe (collared down to 1-1/2″); Oil impregnated wood block bearings at each flighting connection; reduction drive, end wheel

The sweep must be positioned slightly behind the intermediate sumps before filling the bin, allowing the sweep to move freely after emptying the intermediate sumps. The unload head must be powered off before engaging the sweep arm thus insuring long life of the gearboxes.

The primary sweep is 9′ long with 1-1/2′, 3′, 4-1/2′, 6′ and 9′ extensions. Wood block hanger bearings are standard and a reduction drive; end wheel provides consistent forward movement.

Sweep Carrier

For bins with uneven floors. Sweep carrier keeps the sweep flighting from “bottoming out” on the high spots.

Intermediate Sump Recommendations*
Bin Diameter Intermediate Sumps
30′ – 32′ 2
36′ – 43′-4″ 3
48′ – 55′-8″ 4
60′-10″ 5

*Intermediate floor spouts are available.


Center gate discharges with nylon rollers; gates with or without rack and pinion opener and control wheel available; rack and pinion intermediate discharge gates with control wheel; intermediate floor spout (transitions to gate); sweep walkers and sweep carriers

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