Double Hammermill Skid


The Sudenga hammermill skid combined with the hammermill process control panel allows you to automate your grinding process. The hammermill is fed by a VFD controlled auger in order to set the optimal flow. Low level sensors on the surge hopper above the hammermill allow the system to know when the grain level is getting low and calls for more whole grain from the main holding bins. When the surge hopper is full, the system shuts off the input fill.

A system like the one pictured is often mounted above a commodity bay grinding corn for use in a dairy operation

Benefits of a Double Hammer Mill

  • Increase your grinding capacity with a Sudenga double hammer mill skid with two (30 HP) hammer mills.
  • Includes surge hopper above the two hammer mills with two VFD controlled feeder augers for maximizing the capacity of the two hammer mills.  
  • Surge hopper includes level sensors for controlling the whole grain augers to the surge hopper.
  • Add a Sudenga motor control panel for maximizing your grinding efficiency and control.