G-300 Series

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G-300 feed bodies are a versatile way to deliver all kinds of bulk feed, pellets and wood pellets. Ideal for farms, small feed businesses, game farm feed delivery and wood pellet delivery. Available in a “slip-in” style for pickups or a permanent mount for straight trucks. U-Trough floor augers offer better cleanout and higher capacities than “vee” bottoms. The load is centered for stability on soft, muddy roads. The Pos-A-Flo auger systems insure a gentle flow by allowing feed to free fall from one auger to the next.

Unload speed: 700 pounds per minute      Capacities: 118-235 cubic feet


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Body Features

  • All-welded 14 ga. construction; 2 or 3 compartments with individual shut-off controls. 
  • Weather-tight vinyl coated nylon tarp top.
  • All ICC required lights and reflectors.
  • Wrap around bumper (slip-in models) or 4” channel bumper with mudflaps (permanent mount).
  • Adapter ring for 17% extra capacity.



  • 5”-6”-6” auger system with 250° rotation on the discharge auger.
  • Optional discharge auger extensions in 4, 6, and 8 ft. lengths.
  • Optional power raise and rotate.
  • Orbit type hydraulic motors are direct coupled to the augers.
  • Control valves have built-in pressure reliefs.
  • 23 gallon reservoir with PTO drive pump and return line filter system.



Available with optional body stands.




  G-308 G-309 G-310 G-312
A - Body Length 8' 9' 10' 12'
Overall Length 10' 11' 12' 14'
Body Weight (lbs.)1 900 950 1000 1100
Cab-to-Axle Pickup 60" 85" 102"
Compartments 2 2 2 3

1 - Body weights are approximates and will vary with options selected.

Cab-to-axle figures are only recommendations developed from trucks commonly used by our customers. We cannot guarantee their accuracy in all situations. Consult your truck dealer for chassis recommendations.



  G-308 G-309 G-310 G-312
Capacity - cu. ft. 118-158 133-178 147-197 175-235
Capacity - ton2 2.1-2.8 2.4-3.2 2.6-3.5 3.1-4.2

2 - Figured using 36 pounds per cubic foot. Use our feed density calculator to get an accurate measurement for your feed.