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Sudenga's auger wagons are ideal when it’s a long distance from mixing to feeding sites, especially in rough terrain. They keep your portable mixer and grinder running non-stop. Unloading times for the auger wagon are as little as 7 minutes. The discharge auger has hydraulic positioning and 360° rotation. Discharge heights range from 34 inches for bunk feeders to 21 feet for bulk tanks.

Unload speed: 1,100 pounds per minute     Capacities: 206 & 305 cubic feet


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Body Features

  • 206 or 305* cu. ft. capacities
  • 14 ga. all-welded construction
  • Two equal compartments with individual gates
  • Full length fenders. 

*The 305 ft.³ body has a walking beam style axle and requires four tires.



  • 6” floor auger, 8” vertical auger, 7” discharge auger; 14' discharge auger length on 10' bodies and 18' auger length on 12' bodies
  • PTO drive pump is designed for 540 RPM (single pump on 10' body and double pump on 12' body)
  • 4 ft. discharge auger extension
  • Discharge auger is hydraulically positioned from the tractor cab (two sets of ports are required on the tractor)
  • Relief valves for hydraulic system protection.



Sudenga offers a wide variety of options and accessories for our trucks and trailers that allow you to maximize efficiency and build the bulk body you've always wanted. Click here to view the options portion of our catalog. Or view the entire catalog here.



Reach and Elevation

  206 cu. ft. body 305 cu. ft. body
A 17' 6" 22' 4"
A* 20' 4" 25' 1"
B 9' 6" 12' 4"
B* 12' 4" 15' 2"

*With 4 foot extension



  206 cu. ft. body 305 cu. ft. body
Body Length 10' 12'
Overall Length 17' 21' 9"
Body Width 6' 6'
Overall Width 8' 8'
Body Height 7' 8" 8' 11"
Overall Height 8' 8" 10' 1"
Body Weight (lbs.)1 2,820 5,432

1 - Body weights are approximate and vary with options selected.

Auger wagons are sometimes referred to as feed carts, feed wagons, self-unloading wagons, grain-o-vators, grainovators or feed beds. Auger wagons are generally not suitable for high speed road use applications and are often pulled and powered by a tractor to deliver feed in numerous applications on livestock, game and wild game farms.  Auger wagons are suitable for filling bulk feed bins, wild game feeders, feed bunks and for dispensing feed on the ground in wild game feeding applications.

A Sudenga Auger Wagon in use at McFarlane Pheasant Farm.